How to keep the heart healthy .

How to keep the heart healthy

The heart is an important and essential organ of life. Although many other organs are important, pancreatic or kidney function can be compensated, for example, but the heart can only be compensated by a long-lasting artificial heart transplant. In some cases, Heart disease causes direct death. So, we must keep the heart healthy.

6-Tips for your health

There are many useful ways can keep your heart healthy, they beings:

Exercise must be practiced every day, for at least 30 minutes, and the best of these exercises is walking. Exercise is important in relieving the body of fat and toxins, which are the dangerous enemy for cardiovascular health.

6-Tips for your health

Eat a moderate amount of salt a day, not exceeding six grams. Excessive salt is a factor that helps to raise blood pressure, thus increasing the incidence of heart disease.

Eat a moderate amount of salt

Stop Smoking: Smoking is rich in nicotine which causes a large number of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis and high blood pressure. Smoke contains a high proportion of carbon monoxide which stimulates cholesterol to deposit on the walls of blood vessels.

Stop Smoking:

Avoid alcohol: As alcohol affects negatively on the heart rate and it leads to high blood pressure. So, it is better to avoid drinking alcohol to keep the heart from these diseases.

Avoid alcohol:

Avoid stress: and get rid of it. Stress has a very negative effect on heart health. Stress can be eliminated through hobbies, recreational activities, or even yoga.

Avoid stress:

Eat a piece of dark chocolate: daily as the antioxidants that are in the chocolate reduce the chances of heart disease.

Eat a piece of dark chocolate:

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