This video is full of design ideas to make your home more stylish! You will find tutorials on how to make furniture by your hands, how to reuse old toys and make a stylish lamp, how to organize your home.
Always wanted a stylish lamp that will express your creativity and something colorful and stylish? You can make a huge light ball that will be the center of any party. Just use fairy lights and plastic cups. Make holes in the bottom of the cups and use a stapler to connect the cups. Make hemispheres, connect some of them and insert fairy lights. Connect the rest hemispheres. And if you use plastic spoons, you can get a stylish and cute lamp shade.
Don’t throw away your favorite childhood toys and turn them into a stunning lamp. Upgrade a boring lamp by gluing figurines around the neck and base. Take a spray paint you like and cover the toys, neck, and base. Ready! Moreover, you can use clothespins to create a cool lamp and color pencils to decorate a shade. Also, you can paint your lamp in every color you love!
Use plastic bottle and cotton to make a cool glowing lamp that will create a magical atmosphere in your home. Take a big plastic bottle insert fairy lights. Using a hot glue gun, stick the cotton to the plastic bottle. Ready!
Thread lamps and garlands are incredibly popular now that they are so easy to do! The supplies you will need a thread, PVA glue, water, and some starch. Take a plastic container and mix all the ingredients. Put the thread inside and let soak for a couple of minutes. After that wrap the balloon with this thread and let dry. Share with us your favorite lamp design in comments!

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