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How to make your husband approve of your requests .. tried and successful methods .

These tips for the wife to help her change the opinion of her husband and earn his satisfaction and approval of the demands:

The wife finds it hard to change her husband's opinion on some of the special topics of the requests she needs most, which makes her speak with him, which leads to many problems that can be avoided easily by implementing the set of tips that we provide in the following lines.

Do you always ask yourself questions like how to change my husband's opinion, how to change my marital life for the best, how to change my husband's dry style, how to change my husband's nervousness, how to change my husband's cold, or how to change my stubborn husband.

These tips for the wife to help her change the opinion of her husband and earn his satisfaction and approval of the demands:

1 - The wife to try her husband 's consent in most cases on his requests, views and positions, forcing him to rethink because his wife gave up for her opinion, and makes him feel that the wife agrees to resort to listen to her always and try to satisfy her.

For example, the husband asks his wife to do a good lunch for his family, although the wife's approval will cause her extra fatigue and effort. However, asking for such a favor would be helpful if she agreed to change his mind and obtain his consent in other important subjects for her.

2. Trust your husband's decisions and always inform him that you trust his decisions and do not give in to what he does in situations that do not directly affect you. This will make your husband appreciate you and hear your opinion and know that his wife is right.

For example: When your husband tells you a decision and suitable for you not only agree to him, but therefore, tell your husband that his opinion is right and that you are happy to be in your life and you are confident in his decision and you will be happier if you share his point of view always in the decisions and here may be you earn that your husband will always engage you in the discussion while making decisions.

3 - Try to choose words when you tell your opinion to your husband because the wife when she made mistakes in talking with her husband, he will ignore her.

Example: Do not tell your husband I want you to carry out my requests as your sister's husband or your friend does with his wife.

You would like to start with words like my beloved husband or husband. For example, say to him, darling, I will be the happiest wife if you accept my request or share with me.

4. Choose the right time to tell your spouse about what you want.

For example, if your husband is a football fan, you should not ask him for a hot game if his team is a loser, you can play smartly in these situations. If you are not following, make sure you go to your partner in the last minutes of the match and tell him that you want to see these minutes with him. After the match, inform him of your requests if his team is a winner. If he is a loser, you should leave him with some grief and ask after he forgets the match.

5 - Act with your husband gently to change his mind and think seriously in your words.

Example: If your husband refuses your request, do not face him angrily but tell him that you will leave him to think and then come back at another time to talk on the subject. Your first and last concern is to be happy.

6 - Do not judge others in front of your husband and do not judge him in front of others, and try to talk and express your opinion without uttering any word that may hurt your husband.

Example: Do not tell a group of people that he rejects your requests or do not do anything. This will cause more rejection, but take advantage of collective attitudes and tell everyone that you are happy with your husband's decisions and that he will not spare you anything and you will be impressed by his positive reaction afterwards.
How to make your husband approve of your requests .. tried and successful methods .
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    Taking a wife’s position is not always an easy decision for a husband. However, the task can be simplified using the subtle psychological techniques

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