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Different ways to wear classic blue

Different ways to wear classic blue

Pantone has announced that classic blue is the color of the year 2020, and although this Color is simple but really spectacular, it gives the wearer an attractive and elegant look and fits the different clothes, it is adapted from the color of the sky at the beginning of the night after sunset, and it is possible to wear this color with

It is worth mentioning that the classic blue color is suitable with all the different grades, and therefore it is possible for everyone between this color and other different colors without having any problem, but you can get through it an attractive and wonderful appearance, and we will learn below on many ways to wear this Color in proportion to winter 2020.

Many ways to wear the classic blue weight for winter 2020:

We offer you a variety of ideas for wearing classic blue in different ways, including these ideas Miley:

Long neck pullovers and blouses :

Wearing jeans with a classic blue pullover gives you an appeal , and in the case of blue long neck pullover is worn with an open blazer in fuchsia or dark brown.

Jackets. :

The blue jacket can be easily coordinated with other clothes, it can be worn over jeans or white, so you get a distinctive stylish look.

Classic suits :

The classic suits have spread during the recent period and have become one of the best fashion trends, and there are many colors of them, so the classic blue color is suitable for winter 2020, where it gives you an attractive appearance like other colors usual to wear before such as green and brown.

Accessories :

There are some ladies who do not prefer to wear colorful clothes and therefore in this case you have to choose some colorful accessories in order to increase your clothes beautifully, and give you a stylish appearance at the same time, for example wearing bags and shoes in the color of Aziz, with clothes in black, there is no doubt that the classic blue color with

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