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How to make Katakat coffee

How to make Katakat coffee

How to coffee Katkat delicacies it is a new and innovative dessert drink in the winter to get energy , and it can be an alternative to morning coffee to start your day with the family note that it is easy and fast and its ingredients are available.

Makings of chickpea coffee:

  • Five fingers KitKat
  • Two teaspoons cocoa
  • Teaspoon Nescafe
  • Cup of liquid milk

How to make chickpea coffee:

  1. Put all the ingredients in a blender and turn it on until they are completely mixed(katakat, nescafia, liquid milk and cocoa).
  2. Put the drink in a suitable pot on the gas and let it boil like regular coffee until it foams on its face?
  3. Her boy in suitable cups and sprinkled cocoa powder on her face.
  4. Serve it to your family and guests and enjoy it .

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